The OWTFA has rebranded under a new name with a new broader mandate. The rebranded association is called Ontario Structural Wood Association (OSWA). The same information found on this web site, and more, is now at the new OSWA web site. The OWTFA site is no longer being updated regularly. Please follow the link below to the new Ontario Structural Wood Association (OSWA) site.

The OWTFA (Ontario Wood Truss Fabricators Association) is an industry association of truss manufacturers, suppliers and engineers to the truss industry. The objective of the association is to promote both the use of wood trusses in residential, commercial and agricultural structures and the highest level of quality in the end product, plated trusses.

Benefits of Plated Wood Trusses
  • Trusses are an economical framing solution because they are factory assembled and require little skilled labour on site, saving both time and money for the builder.
  • Precision-engineered wood trusses meet or exceed all building codes.
  • Wood trusses are a viable alternative to other building materials including steel.
  • Truss software design programs allow for optimal designs and allow designers to create an endless variety of rooflines.
  • As a wood based product it is a renewable green resource.
  • Plated wood trusses have been proven in both roof and floor installations throughout Ontario in residential and commercial installations.